--Zoid Union Fanlist

--Zoid Union Web Ring
To join ZUWR your website should be mainly about Zoids, any
or all aspects. No message board-only sites please. You must, at a
minimum display the webring banner on whatever page you submit for linking.
ZUWR requires a small javascript that accesses this site, to fetch the links list.
If you fit the criteria, please see below for instructions.

Please fill out this simple form to submit your site to the Ring.
Once it has been reviewed, a confirmation email will be sent to you
Then message me to let me know you wanted to join. (Use the contacts
section of the site.) See instructions below for how to install.

Your Internet Handle: (?)
Your Website Name: (?)
Your Website URL: (?)
Site Identifier: (?)
Your E-mail: (?)
Additional Comments (optional):
CodeVerification Code:
1.) Installing the banner
One you have been approved you will be given some code
containing the banner along the lines of
<script language="javascript" src="some url"></script>
2.) Background Image
For the banner to work, you must first copy (or create your own)
banner image.
You may use or edit this one:

PaintShopPro 8 File
Photoshop File
I recomend increasing the transparency of the top layer a bit. or you can use the large image on the bottom of the page to
create your own 205x60 graphic.
If you do decide to use my graphic, please save it on your own server.
The background image is referred to in the style sheet similar to below.
3.) CSS For Customization
If you get confused, refer to this graphic.
CSS is required for this banner to look good.
The frame of the CSS looks like this:

You may use CSS to change the background, colors and fonts of
the banner. Below I have the code for the red version which
you can copy right into the page where the banner will be
If you use a global CSS file via a
<link rel="...>, you should probably
just append everything except the
<style></style> tags into that file.

Thats it. If you get stuck, just drop me a line at speak2000@netscape.net.
(©) Liger's Union A.R.R.